I love it when you ask for support…

Managers are there to help. Honestly – I believe that Managers are there as an extra layer of authority to help you get things done.

Seems however that sometimes they are there to capitulate immediately and not bother helping no matter how sensible the approach is.

So you have some people, lets say at level 5 in the corporate scale, who can’t then use their managers, who might be at level 8 for example, to negotiate with other managers, who might be at level 9. No, the poor bugger at level 5 has to go and do the hard sell.

Not a happy teddy currently.

long weekend blues

The long weekend is coming to an end…

I spent a lot of it tidying up the house. I also spent some looking up stuff on the internet and keeping an eye on the temperature of some of my switches in work which aren’t being cooled properly due to a malfunctioning compressor in the air/con unit.

Still..I love my work….I just feel better working from home.

sometimes we know not what we do

We are such gits sometimes. We bring such misery among us. We HURT people. We wound them.

Sometimes without even knowing it.

A while back I read a comic series – V for Vendetta – one section about a prisoner (okay…it was a little more complex than that) in a prison cell. She kept her diary on loo paper. I think the final point of it was that she and cell had been together for a very long time. The cell knew every inch of her. Except one.

Everyone should have their own inch.