Before the Mast…

by Matt Johnston on July 30, 2014

These Fishermen Melt Down the Plastic They Catch to Make Furniture…While They’re Still Fishing

Down Coastal Rowing Club – an initiative to build 8 St Ayle Skiffs – 19 or 21ft long narrow boat made from 9mm plywood, rows 4 with a cox

Row The Erne – a community based organisation empowering people of all abilities and ages to build and row traditional craft on the Erne Waterway System in County Fermanagh.

and I previously covered Galgael.


Sci Fi TV Pilots: moar…

by Matt Johnston on July 30, 2014

It’s kinda scary how many of these TV pilots I watched on late night TV as a teen. It explains everything.

I should sue.


John Romero:

the big challenge for today’s crop of developers is to get better at marketing.

The bigger challenge is how to do it. In my experience, there’s precious little knowledge on how to do it and even fewer people who are able to impart the knowledge and skills.

I add this after a conversation regarding a game marketing effort which was to commence with a “wine and cheese launch” in a London hotel. For a game that could be called casual at best.

The rest of that article is excellent, by the way.


Disruptive Ideas in Games

July 24, 2014

From the Guardian:…./the-five-most-disruptive-ideas-in-the-video-game-design Procedurality – games could one day create epic and unique stories each time. Asymmetry – it’s not about two balanced teams duking it out. Seamlessness – old divisions between story mode and multiplayer mode could disappear. Performance – Gamers aren’t just players anymore – they share and create. Persistance – The [...]

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The Long Knives of the Media

July 19, 2014

I think there is a chance for normalised politics and, dare I say it, progress. But it is incumbent on the media to challenge our current political demagogues rather than feasting on low hanging fruit. The contempt displayed by the media towards things that are new, towards talk of hope leaves me ever convinced that [...]

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We are a common people, divided by our politicians

July 10, 2014

Eamonn Mallie started a conversation on FaceBook. I’ve been commenting liberally. It’s uplifting to hear people from opposite parts of the community say this because it’s too easy to characterise some as being only PUL or CNR. I want change because despite voting for peace, we haven’t moved one millimetre further than the GFA. Instead [...]

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Are Games Just Products or Something More?

July 9, 2014

…the myopic focus on games soley as industry stymies developers in understanding their position relative to everything else. Is it any wonder The Arts Council don’t give a fuck about games, given how highly trained we are to think and talk of them as products? To be fair, I’ve found the Arts Council in Northern [...]

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Great Horror Campout: anyone fancy running this?

July 8, 2014

Click for more information.

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We are being played, my fellow citizens, by petty Machiavellians.

July 2, 2014

Our society is deadlocked by the past; more specifically by political parties wanting to prove their mettle by dwelling in the past and pushing it in front of us. It seems that every week that goes by there is a new transgression, a new legacy of the past that will thwart the development of our [...]

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Why should public transport be free?

June 26, 2014

Because it satisfies environmental impacts. It will overnight reduce the number of cars on the roads and reduce carbon emissions. It will also reduce the numbers of cars that are bought (a number that has been steadily increasing for years). Less than 5% of our workforce use public transport. Fewer cars will mean vastly reduced [...]

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