Integrated Education – Segregated Education

by Matt Johnston on November 19, 2014

Chris Hazzard of SF doesn’t like the current mess in our education system to be defined as “segregated”. I don;t know if he has a separate word but even his language belies sectarian divides.

Of course, it is John O’Dowd, Education Minister and SF MLA who presides over the education policy that Integrated Education is the policy – but never have I seen less of a policy-adhered-to than this.

The 11plus, for segregating on ability, was too “integrated” for SF so they abolished it. Meaning that Catholic Schools train their indoctrinated charges for the “GL” while Protestant* Schools train their children for the “AQE”. Both of them unregulated, unstandardised and it’s a few select schools that actually require results from both sets of exams.

We can harp on about how Health is failing under the DUP but Education is failing under SF. And if there were ever two departments, out of the thirteen we have, which absolutely were required, it would be health and education.



by Matt Johnston on November 17, 2014

Arlene has been playing around with an app on the Internets that seems to transform anyone into Simon Cowell.


Getting started in crowdfunding…an assignment

by Matt Johnston on November 6, 2014

One of the highlights of my week is two hours at the Magee Campus of the Ulster University with the Creative Technology students

The assignment I give them are about building practice in the business skills needed for being a good entrepreneur as well as being a good employee. It’s just as important for employees to understand balance sheets and profit and loss though these classes are often reserved for those who volunteer to take them.

My assignment on Tuesday was on the subject of crowdfunding. The last assignment involved building brand materials, product design, presentation skills (and attempting humour and delight) for a nonsense product they dreamed up. This time it’s about building awareness, gathering followers and backers and generally raising the profile of a Kickstarter for a local company, Billygoat Entertainment. It’s important to note that I have no links, financial or otherwise, to this company.

Here’s their KS link: https://…./projects/billygoat/hm-spiffing-a-comedy-3d-space-themed-adventure-gam

And here’s their video:

They also have demos available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The assignment should be challenging, it should be helping them become aware of the steps needed to promote a Kickstarter campaign and if it helps Billygoat Entertainment too, that’s a bonus.


Belfast Media Festival ’14

October 31, 2014

The Belfast Media Festival is in one week and they’re looking for 2-3 companies who would have something “transmedia” to demonstrate. If you’ve got anything that is translational like mock ups for Doctor Who or Sherlock, film tie-ins, story-heavy games, demos for Oculus Rift and you want to spend a couple of days at the [...]

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Earlier this year…

October 30, 2014

Earlier this year I took a chance in politics and I didn’t win. I didn’t even place. But what I learned was useful. I learned that you can’t run an election campaign in 6 weeks. I learned that you need even just a little bit of money behind you to do it. I learned that [...]

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October 21, 2014

I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up! from Dave Fothergill vfx on Vimeo.

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Cars … Are Friends Electric

October 19, 2014

When I sleep at night I am rewarded with visions of electric vehicles. The cars we have received from automobile manufacturers are not much further developed than the car you see below. Charging an electric car in 1905 — Old Pics Archive (@oldpicsarchive) October 18, 2014 Electric vehicles are awesome. You may not realise [...]

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Spherical Worlds

October 18, 2014

My work for this week will be following this tutorial.

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Charity e-Walk….

October 17, 2014

Covered by the Independent Charity marathons usually involve a lot of sweat, hard work and blisters, but not for one runner, who simply pushed the control stick forwards until he reached the limits of GTA V’s Los Santos. … Super Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes live-streamed the marathon on Twitch, using it to help fund [...]

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Game School

October 15, 2014

I’ve always found it easier to work in groups. Being able to talk to someone about a project and, in return, feel better for helping others. So the pitch is; meet once a week, maybe an evening or maybe a lunchtime and write game stuff. Yes, I’ll be leaning on others. But hopefully I’ll help [...]

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