About us

We're a business and innovation consultancy which has worked with dozens of companies over the last eight years; helping them apply for funding, read term sheets, negotiate with investors, resolve tricky business continuity planning problems and fix key revenue-limiting challenges with their products.

We're led by Matt Johnston, an entrepreneur and consultant, university lecturer and writer. He has consulted with the Creative Industries Innovation Fund, the HoneyComb Creative Works Fund and been an Assessor/Rapporteur for the EU Horizon 2020 ICT Project Calls.


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Social capital

We're keen on businesses in our sector exercising their corporate social responsibility and in return we think it's important to value social capital adequately.

Every social capital item that a business contributes to justifies their existence within the sector: this includes taking on training placements, school work shadows, mentoring at Coder Dojo and 3D Dojo and giving time to socially responsible projects.

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Email Matt if you want to have a conversation about how we can help.

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