Joe Wilcox is reasoning-challenged

According to an August survey of 1,332 shoppers, 50 percent wouldn’t buy iPad mini, while 45 percent would purchase iPhone 5.

So, the incredibly popular, sold-out-successful and overtaking everything iPhone 5 only appealed to 45% of the surveyed.

And 50% of the surveyed said they would not buy the iPad mini. Meaning that 50% said they would buy the iPad mini.

So, this device isn’t even released yet and still on speculation alone, it’s doing better than the record-breaking 2-million-in-a-weekend iPhone 5. On a survey, people are more likely to buy an iPad mini than the amazing super-hot iPhone 5.

And Joe Wilcox and his boss can’t think why Apple would want to release this device. And recommends we all forget about it.

I wouldn’t dare to accuse Joe of manipulating the language in the paragraph above to make it seem like the iPad mini was unpopular. No, I’d suggest it was completely accidental, because he probably ran out of fingers and toes. Anything more than 45 and he loses the plot.