Support the Race for Life #cancerResearch

My ten year old daughter has been entering the race for life in support of Cancer Research UK in commemoration of her granny who succumbed a few years ago. She takes it very seriously and would love some additional sponsorship from people who know me. It doesn’t have to be a lot; jthe gesture counts and any amount is very much appreciated.

Cancer is one of the reasons I studied a degree in Genetics. The concept that a fault in the code of our own cells can cause such pain and death indicates how much we are just biological machines fulfilling our programming logic, for good or ill. We all carry the possibility for cancer within our cells, it just requires a combination of the right trigger, the wrong time and a heap of bad luck. The best we can hope for is rapid detection, rapid treatment and better luck.

At the time of writing, Meggan has raised £260 of her £1000 target.

Please support her.