VI revisited. I’m looking for a few good humans.

A couple of years ago, a group of fools created STARTVI – a Virtual Incubator for digital startups. We gathered a gaggle of followers, had a paint party

After 6 months the building was condemned which kinda put paid to a lot of our ambitions.

I want to do it again. With some of the same things but also different. Yes, we’ll focus on startups in digital with a global vision but there are some serious social clauses that I want to build into it.

So, I’m looking for helpers. I don’t usually ask for much, so sign up below.

Fabulous Kickstarters

I’ve backed a heap of Kickstarters and I thought I would present some of them here. I’ll put them in chronological order and leave out some of the ones that maybe didn’t do quite so well.

  • Solar Circuit Racing – this was one of my first and it’s for a paper-and-card board game on racing. I backed it because I am trying to make a video game with a similar concept. Plus I like board games.
  • TWINE – was my first technology kickstarted and it turned out fabulously. It’s a little sensor toy that is really only limited by the fact that I can’t write code for toffee.
  • Pebble – probably my most frequently used kickstarter and it’s only getting better. It’s an actual smart watch that has stayed smart.
  • Predestination – I’m not actually a big fan of 4X games but as this is from the amazingly talented and lovely people at Brain and Nerd, I had to help out. They’re a local games company and they have an incredible work ethic.
  • Elite: Dangerous – I’m an old geek. How could I not back this?
  • ROAM – a top down survival shooter/builder. With zombies. Again, I had to buy it.
  • Harbinger Down – any geek who still loves watching The Thing should back this or should buy it when it’s released.
  • Satellite Reign – this game may save me a huge amount of money and heartache in the long run by making a game that I’ve always wanted to make and selling it to me for a few dollars.
  • Structure Sensor – if you can’t see why I backed this then you must be new here. This is essentially a 3D scanner that works with your tablet or phone. To create 3D objects or structures which can then be 3D printed or used as 3D assets in games or animations.
  • Neverending Nightmares – a game about depression and the monsters it can create.
  • The Long Dark – a first person post-disaster sim which looks fabulous. this could only be bettered by going third person in my opinion.
  • PatchBlocks – another local Kickstarter for a music box. It does some synth magic and makes sound come out. Other than that, I don’t know. It’s just magic.
  • HDMIPi – a 9″ portable screen for the Raspberry Pi. I use my Pi a lot for demos so this would really fit into my nomad lifestyle. And just the same day I found out about it, I had been moaning about the need for it. Sealed the deal.

So far I’ve backed 10 games projects, 4 technology projects, 2 film and video projects and 1 design project.

Those are the Kickstarters that I’ve backed to date. What great ones have I missed? What great ones are still out there? what has been your best decision on this?