Matrix Rift: a clever visualisation of a movie

Audio comes from “The Matrix” movie, owned and distributed by Warner Bros. There is some character modeling help from the game “The Matrix: Path of Neo” by Shiny Entertainment. There are also some environment models from the Unity Asset Store by Quantum Theory. This demo was made with Unity3D, Luxology Modo and Mixamo.

Download the demo here for Mac and PC.

It’s not just for games…architects can play too

From the Unity3D web site:

A number of incredibly talented architects and engineers use the Unity engine to bring their blueprints to life and let their clients adjust the designs as they wish. How does Unity fit their needs? And how are they changing their industry? (20 minute video)

As can be seen, developing workflows around software is not centred around getting a degree first. Making stuff is vocational, not academic. Every architecture firm should be able to offer stunning 3D walkthroughs (as well as Oculus Rift visuals).

3D Dojo this week….

From William:

This coming Saturday we’re going to be starting a wee project for regular attendees who are feeling confident with Maya. We’re going to build a simple character (not unalike the gentleman pictured below) and set up a rig to allow us to animate him/ her/ it. In a few weeks we’ll have your characters literally (I’m not even joking) singing and dancing.

For now, here is a video of the rig that we’re going to make in action:

And if you’re really keen, here is the Maya file for this chap so you can see what we’re going to get you to make (note that you can choose to model different head attire, you don’t even have to make your character green, why he could be another colour, orange for example, we’re not the sort of folks that mind).

See you all on Saturday!

Unity. C#.

Something that Paul from South West College has drummed into me is the need to have a knowledge of C# to get the best from Unity. I found these tutorials on Youtube via the Unity forums.

The beautiful thing about Unity 3D for me is that you can achieve so much without code. In an ideal world your artist can achieve much, your designers can achieve much and your storyboard-ists can achieve much…all before a line of code is written. In theory it allows everyone to focus on where they have strengths.

“So, you’re telling me that what we did this morning is how they make characters in movies? Like, for real?”

From the Loop:

At #3ddojo we have moved on from Blender and onto Maya. The problem being that Autodesk doesn’t seem to have a programme designed for parents and their kids. The best solution seems to be to sign up for a course at a University or College and use their really friendly education support programme.

Today at the Dojo, Shaun led a full house through modelling an arm and hand in Maya. The results were simply breathtaking considering most of the attendees were new to it. We were ably assisted by Greg Maguire (Professor of Animation at the University of Ulster and some of his undergraduates. The efforts of individuals within the industry to reforge our future are to be applauded.

And the kids, well, they enjoy it. And they can’t believe they’re working on the same tools used to make computer games and movies. That’s the icing on the cake.