Legacy Media vs. Digital Native, the culture shock, in one chart

How the diagram describes traditional media?

Weak, insufficient, short-sighted. structurally limited, barely sustainable, ossified, weak leadership, terrible, no tolerance for failure, lost, outdated, impaired development.


I would add “blissfully ignorant in the way the dinosaurs must have passively admired a falling star”.

The CTO CoFo and other quasi-mythical beasts

Jase Bell is mostly, pardon the pun, on the money:

Put bluntly it’s a big stand off. The startup founder (“Hey, I’m the ideas guy/gal!”) goes tail wagging desperately looking for a tech co founder, someone who can look at the holistic view of the startup, the long term, code the iOS app, the Android app and the back end, the reporting…. those unicorns don’t come cheap, circa £75,000 p/a if you want a quality tech co-founder, someone who will be “all in”. Your short runaway will become a lot shorter, that £300k seed you need to get going is basically mandatory.

Of course there is another side to this. A finder needs to identify a good CTO.. It’s not like there is a large supply.

I’ve been on the fringes of the local software industry for the last 20 years I can count on my fingers the people I’d approach for such a vital role.

Part of this is their ability: they have to command respect, have a good reputation, be pro-active and have a can-do attitude and probably have done more than just worked for a wage in a local company.

The other part is my ability. Will I have to manage them? Am I a good judge of ability or character? Can I raise the cash to get them paid? And if I can, have I judged correctly; is this just another job or are they part of the team?

Over the years I have, with friends, built a heap of stuff you’ve never heard of. The 23rd Letter, SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis, ZOMBI, Syncbridge, Rickshaw, Infurious Comics, Eagle Lake; stuff that was always ahead of the market and if I had been smarter, better connected, more business-savvy, more predatory then I might be talking to you from a private island.

My opinion is this.

CTOs are incredibly rare in Northern Ireland. And when you find them, chances are they will be working for a high five-figure salary with benefits within a secure FDI company doing work well beneath their ability. Their lifestyle will have grown to demand that salary and only inspiring friendship or a mid-life crisis will urge them to move. That will be a lot of risk for the aspiring CEO – because you’re banking someone’s life on the strength of your idea and using your relationship as collateral. And the money had better follow.

As you get older it will be more about the money and less about the relationship: so start young.

Integrated Education – Segregated Education

Chris Hazzard of SF doesn’t like the current mess in our education system to be defined as “segregated”. I don;t know if he has a separate word but even his language belies sectarian divides.

Of course, it is John O’Dowd, Education Minister and SF MLA who presides over the education policy that Integrated Education is the policy – but never have I seen less of a policy-adhered-to than this.

The 11plus, for segregating on ability, was too “integrated” for SF so they abolished it. Meaning that Catholic Schools train their indoctrinated charges for the “GL” while Protestant* Schools train their children for the “AQE”. Both of them unregulated, unstandardised and it’s a few select schools that actually require results from both sets of exams.

We can harp on about how Health is failing under the DUP but Education is failing under SF. And if there were ever two departments, out of the thirteen we have, which absolutely were required, it would be health and education.

Getting started in crowdfunding…an assignment

One of the highlights of my week is two hours at the Magee Campus of the Ulster University with the Creative Technology students

The assignment I give them are about building practice in the business skills needed for being a good entrepreneur as well as being a good employee. It’s just as important for employees to understand balance sheets and profit and loss though these classes are often reserved for those who volunteer to take them.

My assignment on Tuesday was on the subject of crowdfunding. The last assignment involved building brand materials, product design, presentation skills (and attempting humour and delight) for a nonsense product they dreamed up. This time it’s about building awareness, gathering followers and backers and generally raising the profile of a Kickstarter for a local company, Billygoat Entertainment. It’s important to note that I have no links, financial or otherwise, to this company.

Here’s their KS link: https://…./projects/billygoat/hm-spiffing-a-comedy-3d-space-themed-adventure-gam

And here’s their video:

They also have demos available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The assignment should be challenging, it should be helping them become aware of the steps needed to promote a Kickstarter campaign and if it helps Billygoat Entertainment too, that’s a bonus.