A Thank You To Everyone

Dear everyone,

Not long until the polls close and the most hectic year of my life.

One year ago I was at Buckingham Palace, was taking Digital Circle to be an independent entity and helped launch NI21 at the MAC.

I now have another invite to the Palace, I’ve started my new games dev company and I’ve been campaigning as a local council candidate for North Down and Ards under the NI21 banner.

I have loads of people to thank for all of this. I’d like to thank my family for being a rock for me. I’d like to thank Joan for helping me get my nominations. If you ever need an election agent, Joan gets stuff done.

I’d also like to thank Bob, Ian, Maggs, Arthur, Ruth, Rosemary, Michael, Ronnie, Dary, Caroline and William for supporting me as I strive to make Northern Ireland better.
I’d also like to thank my local ni21 team in North Down and Ards: Mike, George, Nichola, Jayne, William, Steven, David, PJ, Justin and Peter.

Special thanks also to Tony McMahon and Ryan Cairns for support.

Last but not least – thank you to the voters who turned out in as – yet – unknown quantities to give me a chance.
Here’s to a future for our kids and grandkids.

One thought on “A Thank You To Everyone”

  1. Good to see someone stepping up to the mark for our future. Whilst NI21’s actual future seems very unclear at present, it certainly meshed with the thoughts and aspirations of a lot of people in Norn Iron.

    Whilst I doubt I will see much news of NI21 itself in future, I fully expect to see the people who flocked to its ideals in prominent positions in years to come – and see a line drawn back from a future, prosperous and harmonious society back to a small, forgotten party which provided the seed for something greater, something better.

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