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Enjoy retro arcade action in this 1 or 2 player classic. Stalk your AI enemies, making use of the grid-based landscape and bonus weapons through 27 increasingly difficult levels.

When you’ve beaten the computer, use Game Center to challenge your friends (albeit one at a time).

Amazing Features include:

  • Unlock 27 different levels of 1 Player action – potentially hours of your life we guarantee you will NEVER get back.
  • Nine different maps and random bonuses for 2 Player adventures (if you really do have a girlfriend, and she’s not just in Canada).
  • iCade joystick support.
  • Multiple bonuses. They spin! They zoom! One makes you invisible (N.B. not in real life, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Or would flying be better? I’m never sure)
  • Exclusive graphics designed by a programmer who isn’t very good at art, but likes black and green to a potentially scary amount, because it makes him think of the old VT terminal he had to use when he was at University.
  • In-game soundtrack performed by a programmer who isn’t very good at in-game soundtracks! Don’t worry, you can turn it off. We did.
  • Sound effects! They go ‘Bang’ and stuff. No expense spared.
  • Speech synthesis! Yeah! Really! It talks!
  • Surprisingly fun to play. Actually, this bit is true.

Before cadets can progress to commanding real materiel, they must complete tank simulator training to level 27, and win multiple randomly selected battles at level 28. The training system is codenamed “EagleLake”, and provides simplified visuals, touch-screen interface and audio-visual feedback.

EagleLake will provide cadets with simulated situations which include:

  • Multiple AI enemies (Using AME: the Artificial Malevolence Engine).
  • One-on-one human enemies over local and intra networks
  • Experience in stealth situations, contained supplies management, and multiple ordinance types.

Cadets are advised to set aside a considerable amount of time to spend in the simulation, for although simulated battles are short, they provide valuable skills for the missions to come

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  1. The reviews are in – three reviews in total, each 5 stars. They love us! They really love us!

    Great game *****
    What have you done to me, totally addicted.

    Great game *****
    Great game. Lots of fun.

    This app *****
    I really love this app.

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