This comment hacks me off

Robert, did you all of a sudden forget that this the same Apple that was intentionally bricking users’ phones?

The same one that pulled an about face when they staggeringly dropped the iPhone price and said ‘too bad’ until users called them on it.

Apple is not intentionally bricking iPhones. When you run an unsupported hack without a full set of documentation and an update breaks it, it’s tough shit. It’s not malice unless you count Apple not bothering to test each and every hack which would, of course, be unreasonable. When you hack the firmware and operating system software then you have to expect some sort of effect. Remember that the point updates in the iPhone OS will replace the OS as expected. The only supported apps on iPhone at the moment are the ones it ships with. You can be sure when Apple releases their SDK that they’ll show us the mechanism for keeping third party apps on the iPhone. Maybe then we can stop the whining?

Likewise, putting in place a refund for early adopters is not something that is done on a Thursday night between the soaps. I don’t think Apple does anything as a reaction. Every thing is planned. Sure, they may plan some things and then later decide whether to action it.

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