when it rains … it pours

I’m a network geek by trade. I build networks.

Two years back I decided to take on a bit of extra work by teaching. I’ve been teaching for the last two school years – the subject being computer architecture. I’ve also taught PC maintenance and introductions to computing. Teaching is fun, sometimes it really stretches the mind.

Well….the term is coming to a close and I’ve been asked by entirely another source to do some training over the summer – not teaching – training. Turns out that this company is meant to be providing Mac OS X training and they don’t know anyone who knows enough about the system to actually do the training. That’s where I come in.

Oh…and I have to give a 1 hour lecture at the local university about IT Strategy.

Makes me think that if I was at a loss I could probably make the readies in teaching, training and lecturing….